Brianna Roughton

Varsity Coach

Brianna Roughton is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin – Hook ‘Em Horns! – with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. She is originally from the Austin area and attended Lake Travis High School. She cheered for Lake Travis all four years, winning the NCA National Championship in 2008 and cheering the Cavs onto 3 straight state titles.

This is Coach Roughton’s seventh year teaching and coaching at Vandegrift. She helped to lead the varsity team to a third place finish at the UIL State Cheerleading Competition in 2016 and 2020. She believes a successful coach is able to create a team atmosphere that consists of players that are willing to work hard, build positive reputations through on another, and are able to reach their ultimate potential while having fun.

Coach Roughton is looking forward to watching the athletes cheer on Viper football on Friday nights and having another successful year at the UIL State Competition. Go Vipers!


Augie Strauch

Junior Varsity Coach

Augie Strauch is a graduate of Baylor University where he majored in Secondary Education Social Studies. He is originally from Chicago. He was on the gymnastic team throughout high school and joined as a freshman with zero experience. He qualified as an individual to go up against gymnasts who have trained their entire lives and was team captain his Senior year. At Baylor, he continued his gymnastics career and retired during his sophomore year due to his size. He was the tallest gymnast in the state of Illinois, and while accommodations were able to be made before, he found he was too big to fit on any of Baylor’s equipment. He went on to join the Baylor Rock climbing team, again, with zero experience where he went on to become team captain and had plans to compete in Nationals before being interrupted by COVID-19.

This will be his first year teaching and coaching cheer. He has all the “soft skills” to be an effective coach and when it comes to the “hard skills” associated with the job he has been spending a considerable portion of his summer prepping those skills and learning the ins and outs of the sport.

A few qualities that he would like to emphasize going into this year is compassion and communication. A team with no compassion may be able to work together and function effectively, however they won’t be able to grow. An athlete that’s a “team player” with no compassion sees the team as an extension of themselves, which fundamentally breaks down the true purpose of competing together. Compassion means understanding one another, and pushing each other to be their best because you want to see them succeed. Communication is another quality I want to see on this team. Learning how to effectively communicate in a way that is constructive can be a difficult skill to master, and I don’t expect every student to be perfect right off the bat, but that is something I like to work on with students as it can have immeasurable benefits in the real world. He is excited for this year and meeting all of the athletes and watching them cheer on Viper Football on Thursday nights!